the night after Stiles was saved, each and every wall Scott McCall built up went crumbling down. His entire world broke apart right before his eyes. The love of his life died in his arms. He watched as the light in her perfectly chocolate brown eyes shut off, never to reawaken. Then his pack was gone - he lost Aiden, Isaac left, and Derek was no where to be found. He really didn’t know what to do. He didn’t know how to fill the emptiness he felt every time he woke up. When things calmed, he kept his phone off and stood locked in his room for days. He couldn’t face anyone - not when he had failed them. Then one night, the alpha let the sadness take over and he disappeared without a word. He left his mother a note apologizing, but that was all. Every now and then he would reach her and tell her he was okay. He called Stiles, and Kira but he could never form words when they answered, so he hung up and whispered an apology.

With the news of the death pool and after several months, Scott found his way back home. As he settled into his room he caught a familiar scent and presence behind him and gathered courage to face the person he left on their own.

  ”I know I shouldn’t have left, but I —-
    I couldn’t take being here.”

Derek understood what it was like to lose your first love. Which is probably why he had been so hard on Scott’s relationship with Allison in the first place. Because he had become a wolf, and she was not only a human, but a hunter. Derek had convinced himself somewhere down the line, she would either get bitten, or die. How could he stand by and let that happen to someone else. Of course, he realized soon it wasn’t fair, and eventually supported them, silently. But things took care of themselves in the end, they had broken up. Scott met Kira, Allison…. well, he didn’t really want to get started on Allison and Isaac. Isaac wasn’t his problem anymore.

He just wished he had been there when the oni had attacked. Maybe he could have helped, kept her alive, or maybe that was just guilt since she had been all Chris had left after Derek bit Victoria. Maybe if he had been there, Scott wouldn’t have left. But he wasn’t there. He was at his loft being attacked by Allison’s deranged aunt, Kate. Who, as it turned out, wasn’t dead. Then, to make matters worse, he was dragged to Mexico, tied up in a crypt, and deaged. However that worked. He was still feeling the affects of it, and matters were only getting worse from there.

He didn’t know who finally called Scott, or what made him come home, but he was there.

" I get it, but if you were smart,
  you would have stayed away. “

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Braeden stormed forward, sword poised in front of her, leather bound shoes leaving deep imprints in the dirt where she stepped and attacked. Her opponent wore the visage of her father, for how dare he sell her off? She was not a cow to be sold, to be turned into a piece of meat for some spoiled ass to use her any way they wished. She was a woman –equal to a man in every way, however no — a princess, the King had spoken, she was a princess and thus her duty was to her people –and with those words, a curse so fowl had slipped past her lips.

Pivoting on her foot, Braeden swung downward in a steady arc, slicing her imaginary enemy across the chest. She would be leaving in fortnight, her home, her friends –all was to be naught to her now that was she was to be wed.  She was even expected to dress and act as a lady becoming of her title on the coming weeks –that meant tight corsets in which she could barely breathe, frilled dresses that caused her skin to itch, proper speech with light undertones to offset that fact that she was a noble.

The King had stated it was to show that she was ready to be married –they were to show that she was a weak female who needed a man to take care of her, but she had no need for a man, let alone a prince who had other fight battles for him; the strength of her heart and body herald that she needed to fight her own battles, with her sword’s sheath at her side harmonizing in the declaration.

But her father—“Damn him,” Braeden cursed as she stabbed her sword forward, instantly killing her opponent. There was nothing she could do, the treaty had been signed, and as such, her life. She had no choice but to marry – but if she was to marry someone whom she did not want too, then she would do so being herself. 

Being the lord of a great hall was a man’s duty, and had been Derek’s path before his household burned to the ground, leaving him the sole survivor, and the prime suspect. Though, no one could really prove he had done it, in fact, he hadn’t, but it hadn’t stopped speculation. Derek Hale would never be the lord of anything, the most he could hope for now was a somewhat disgrace knight, which was really just a proper name for a mercenary or sell sword, which he really was if you wanted to put titles to it. 

Actually getting knighted had come with a bit of a price as well. seeing as it was a high honor and would erase the dark history that followed him from city to city. Before the king, who was actually an old friend of the Hale family, agreed to knight him, the young man would have to prove himself. Derek had expected battles, a melee tournament where most questionable men gained their standing by outlasting the others, but no. That was apparently beneath him and as a favor to his late mother, the king would anoint him if he safely delivered the king’s new bride.

It sounded easy enough, until he took in to account the fortnight of riding to be done there, collecting a pain in the ass princess, and convincing her to ride a horse a fortnight back to wed a man she didn’t even know. All during which, he would have to rid himself of the furs and leathers that provided extreme comfort and warmth during the journey to don a brand new plate of armor. He pulled at it now, standing in the great hall of her castle. It was the jet black color of his house adorned only by a red triskelion on the breastplate. As bulky and uncomfortable as it was, he did enjoy the helm, shaped as a wolf head to intimidate his foes.

He began to question the task, the longer he was kept waiting. The princess’s father was away on business, and though she had been called on to meet him here, she’d kept him waiting. Weren’t ladies always on time? That’s when he heard it, the clacking of metal. It was most definitely a sword, and it sounded as if it were knocking against a training dummy. He gave the great hall one final look around and followed the sound.

Her technique was flawed for one seeking to be a knight, but impressive considering her stature, and the fact she either trained herself, or forced someone to do so without her father’s permission. His right hand pulled the great sword from its sheath on his back, and he spun forward to let steel meet steel. 

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"My wolves don’t start trouble
it kind of just comes to us.”


" Maybe that’s the problem. "

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              ❝ You should turn around and go
right back where you came from. ❞

        ” So what, you’re border control now?
                                                  you’re a child. “ 

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The one thing Scott didn’t learn from his alpha…..


……How to drop the bass.

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ooc; i concur. although I didn’t know people still considered liam the missing hale? although, it could be possible…perhaps not all children born to werewolves…become werewolves. ain’t genetics a bitch?

yes, they are saying Malia isn’t actually Malia, since coyotes are supposed to be tricksters. Though, i don’t quite know the justification of Liam being the missing Hale, just that if she isn’t, it apparently has to be him? 

Though, taking genetics into consideration, let’s say the werewolf gene i dominant. So the only way a child of a wolf wouldn’t be a wolf is if one parent is human, and the wolf parent still carries the recessive human gene. But then we’d have to know how their genes are. 

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all these theories about liam actually being the missing hale, not malia. if liam was a hale, wouldn’t he have been a wolf BEFORE scott bit him?

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text; ✉ || all contacts

[ text to; grumpy gills ]: SAME THING.
[ text to; grumpy gills ]: uhh....true I didn't even think about that.
[ text to; grumpy gills ]: NO WHY. Oh my god.
[ text to; grumpy gills ]: pffft LAST TIME I ASK YOU FOR HELP <3
[ text ; stilinski ] I hope that heart means you mean it.
[ text ; stilinski ] because i'm tired of texts in the middle of the night when normal people are sleeping.
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Season 4, Episode 9 - ‘Perishable’: An assassin targets Scott and Liam at the lacrosse team’s annual bonfire.

You can watch the episode live:


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