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lydia’s scream gave me chills. i’m not ready for this.

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As Derek spoke, Allison looked into his eyes as if she searched in them for his heart or, perhaps, even the soul many people seemed to believe he didn’t have. It was true, a year ago Allison would’ve probably only been there to judge him, to spit insults and voice her opinions. But now, things were different, now she could see that people were the way they were for a reason. That Derek was the way he was for a reason. And, the more Allison scraped his walls, the more she could see herself in him.


His words made more sense to her than she wished they had, she too had been pushing people away, building her own walls to protect herself. “I think, pretending not to care is worse, people expect you not to feel but, worse than that, you expect yourself not to feel. But, sooner or later… pain hits you and that numbness you felt is just.. shattered into pieces and you feel it all at once. It paralyzes you, it breaks you when you thought there was nothing left to break.” Allison spoke softly, almost to herself, tracing the plain blanket with her fingertips. “Maybe there is no easy way. Maybe… pain is the only way.”

Realizing sleep would elude him while she was occupying the space beside him. He pulled himself up, resisting the urge to wince at the bandage pulled at his body hair - the entire process was turning into a completely uncomfortable experience. He rearranged his pillows so he could lean back and really watch her face without it being awkward on his neck, and, being positioned behind her like this, made him safe from her prying eyes.

" My mother used to say pain is a lesson. " He remembered the conversation well, it was right after she took Paige’s lifeless body away from him. What she never told him was what it was a lesson for, but he supposed that was the point. To interpret it however it helped, but she probably never expected his life would be full of pain. Pain from the loss of them, Peter [ before he learned his uncle was no longer as comatose as he appeared ], Laura. Pain from being manipulated by the woman he decided to open his heart to after he lost Paige.  ” You can only put something together so many times before the damage is irreversible. “ 

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    ” I’m adorable, you don’t know.” 

    She could have let go of his hand by now. They were on the roof. They had a good view of the city despite being on the outer edge of it. There was nowhere else to tug him. Her brain ordered her hand to let go, to release him. Her hand didn’t get the message at all. 

    ” Don’t worry, I won’t let you fall. I like your body just the way it is. Can’t let anything happen to your face either cause I like your bunny smile.” 

" I’m the one looking at you, I think I’d know if you were adorable. " 

That is, taking the word adorable for simply it’s superficial meaning, defeating the purpose of this argument entirely. He didn’t fail to notice the way her hand didn’t relinquish its grasp, so he dropped it. Waiting for the momentary confusing disappointment cross her face.

" I think this bar will save me too. " 

He raised a challenging eyebrow, and gripping it firmly with both hands. Of course, the one he’d pulled from her grasp was behind her back, pinning her to the bar as well. 

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{ ❦ }———-;;


    For a moment she hesitates, she’s still
    here for a couple reasons, though the
    main one is that she doesn’t want to go
    home just yet. But she’ll turn back to her
    papers and give him a smile, one she’s
    perfected to the point of almost fooling
    herself into being happy.

               ”I guess I just work
                the hardest, yeah?”  

" That’s unfortunate. "

No one ever really wanted to work late,
though, coming from someone who will
be working a night shift, it seemed to 
become hypocritical to say out loud.

" Shouldn’t everyone work equally as hard
   to benefit the company? “ 

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Going to try and be productive before the episode. This is where I stand so far. If you are not on this list, I am no aware I owe you. Or if you’d like to do something, just message me.

Starters ; 


Drafts ; 


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That’s right. Laura is my niece, and I regret what I done. Believe me.
It was a trap. I haven’t kill you, but you, yes. For power too.

" Why do all the bad things seem to come back to you? It’s like following a rainbow to the pot of gold only to find out the leprechaun is a dick. " 

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instablebeta; thethirdkey.

 ❝Why are you staring at me?❞ 


" I’m not staring, I’m doing my own thing and you are interrupting my concentration. " Of course, he was staring now, but that was only because she started it. 

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i wanna know if this is for real
i’ve gotta know what fate has planned for me
i give in, i give in [x]

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