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"Their family seems to handle death pretty well." Isaac muttered under his breath, remembering Chris’ words. ‘It’s how we deal with this kind of thing.’

The first name that came to Isaac’s mind when he was talking about people in Allison’s family was Gerard - Allison’s grandfather. However as Derek went on, another name popped up in his head.

"Peter." Isaac thought out loud, looking to Derek with questioning eyes. "It doesn’t make sense though, why would he want every supernatural dead if he is one himself?"

He almost asked to know the third key just to put his mind at ease, but if it really wasn’t important then there were other things he needed to focus on. He was a bit surprised when he told him to go talk to Scott - of course he would but not by himself. “Derek you have to go with me, you know Peter best out of all of us — You can talk to him, you can ask him why he’s doing this. If you need back up we can all come with you - but you need to tell Scott you think it’s Peter. We can do it tonight, we need to go now.”


Isaac was urging him, and if he could have it his way he would be yanking Derek by his hair to get going already. He didn’t understand why Derek wasn’t doing anything about it, couldn’t understand why he was just sitting there talking about it. They needed to figure this out, they didn’t have time to sit around. Lives were in danger.

" And use our fortune to pay for it? I have no idea, maybe he wants a clean slate? everyone out of the way to build a new sort of kingdom for himself? but there is one person on the list he would have to kill himself to get what he really wants. " But it didn’t make sense for Peter to risk someone else killing Scott, if anything, Peter would corner him and kill him. It wouldn’t be that hard, the young alpha is still kind of an idiot, but Peter didn’t make a habit of underestimating anyone. 

" Malia is on the list too though. " Of course, the only one that wasn’t aware of the connection was the girl herself. Again, why would Peter risk someone killing something he wants. Derek shook his head, " I’m not making any of them suspicious until I have something definitive. One of them will run their mouths and Peter will cease to be useful. "

He knew better than the rest of them that lives were in danger, but he also knew the second Scott saw him, whether Isaac was there or not, Derek could kiss his solitude goodbye. He wasn’t ready for that, he needed time.

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Accidental text → [Magic D.]


    [text]; Fair point. I’ve never really tested out how strong I am, but I’m pretty sure I’m strong enough to break a window.

[ text ; nope ] enjoy the drop.
[ text ; nope just jump out naked.

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"Well, the memory of him having a daughter."

" Please tell me you are kidding. "

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If there was a moment when,
Erica had felt even more useless than before;
this was it.
She couldn’t tell whether the tears falling
where of anger or sadness.
But they fell down her pale skin anway.
The blonde couldn’t even look at
him anymore.
Her voice quiet but firm with a hint of anger,
she finally spoke.

Why do you have to do that?”

" What, be honest with you? I assumed
   you deserved the truth after everything. “

He felt that he couldn’t stress enough 
how much they were underestimating
the entire thing ; or that he was overreacting.
both were possible, but he couldn’t shake
the feeling they were playing right into the
benefactor’s hand. It was like Stiles’
eerie chessboard, Derek had been
the king then. The piece doomed,
and he was in the same exact place
now. These teenagers were no match
for trained assassins, berserkers,
for kate. Malia had it right that day
in the woods. They all needed to
run for their lives while they still
had them.

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Correct me if I’m wrong, but jokes
 are supposed to be funny. You should
 probably work on that.” 


           ” If you’re that worried about money,
             there’s a list going around, just take
             out one, and you’ll get your hands on
             some of that fortune. “ 

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Accidental text → [Magic D.]


[text]; Did you know I’m a werewolf?
[unsent]; With more strength than you at this point, apparently.

[ text ; nope ] I’m aware, I made you that way, and I also installed that door for Isaac while he was staying.

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are you canon-divergent?


First off, let me say I’m slightly unfamiliar with this terminology, even though I’ve been rping here for a couple of years, so I’m going to answer this to the best of my ability with the knowledge I have, and if it doesn’t answer your question, please feel free to come back and clarify. 

In my opinion, all rp blogs tend to be canon-divergent, seeing as we aren’t Jeff Davis or any of the writers, but I would like to keep him as canon as possible, or how I see fit. Since, after all, this is my version of Derek.

That being said, I am open to alternate universes/different verses. A lot of the way I roleplay is letting things develop naturally. I tend to go with what feels natural to the situation, and to Derek. So while I am open to doing different things, I also ask that my wishes/wants/not wants are respected, especially when it comes to shipping.

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"Derek ….what are you doing here at 4 am?"image

" Oh, you know. Someone’s name shows up on a supernatural deadpool. Tends to           peak curiosities, don’t you think? " 

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"So… what? You plan on taking down Kate by yourself?”

         ” She burned down my house.
                  So yes. That is my right.”

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